Shipment in Italy is always free*

*for purchase amounts equal to or exceding € 79,00. (Mainland only)

The shipment is usually within 48 hours of receipt of the order or payment.

in any case, the processing times will not exceed those specified in Art. 6 D.Lgs. no. 185/1999 (Italian Parliament).

Shipment cost in Italy Mainland is € 8,00 for purchase amounts less than € 79,00.

Shipment cost in Sardegna and Sicilia is € 18,00 independently of the purchase ammounts.

Shipment cost for international shipment is:

- € 12,00: Österreich, Belgique, France, Deutschland, Luxembourg, Nederland;

- € 20,00: Polska, UK, Ceská republika, Espana, Sverige;

- € 22,00: Norge, Confederatio Helvetica.

If some items are not available at the time, customers will be notified by phone or e-mail within a maximum of seven days of receipt. If the item ordered is no longer available, we will reserve the right to cancel the purchasing request and credit back any amounts paid.

No responsibility can be attributed to Narsport S.r.l. in case of delay in delivery of the order, or in case of non-delivery or damage to the goods during transport by courier.

After shipping, the buyer will receive an email confirmation.

If at the moment of delivery anybody is there, the courier will leave a notice. The courier will attempt delivery the next day. In any case, the customer can contact the courier for a new delivery. The items remain in the courier headquarters for a total of 5 days. The customer may contact the courier reference branch to ask that the items are held at the headquarters and then attempt to make the withdrawal there..

Delivery is made at the number indicated above street level, you can not request delivery to the upper floors.

After two delivery attempts are unsuccessful, items will be sent back to Narsport S.r.l. For a new shipment the cost will be totally borne by the customer and calculated according to the product purchased at a cost of € 10.00 to € 50.00, depending on the weight of type-volume of the product.

ATTENTION: at the moment of the receipt of the items, before signing the delivery note, check the integrity of the package. Any anomalies in packaging should be shown to the courier with the following wording: "ACCEPTED WITH INTERNAL CONTROL RESERVE "(do not add anything like "package intact"). The wording should be written on the copy for the courier, NOT on the one for the recipient. If anything is written on the delivery note, any refund or repair / replacement of the product will be possible under warranty. This is because all parcels are insured, but the insurance without the reserve on the delivery note is ineffective (does not accept claims).