e-bike e-mtb tracks coredo ring trentino italy

There are those who want to get closer to cycling in nature, who does not have much time to train, who sees the passing years but does not want to give up his passion, who has a friend who is strong and does not want to make him wait. There are many cyclists who can enjoy the benefits of electric bicycles. At Nardelli Sport we are specializing in sales and assistance of pedal assisted bicycles, e-bikes for the city and touring, and e-MTB (electric mountain bikes), for those who prefer to pedal into the wild.

This is the first of a small series of articles that will present you some beautiful tracks in the areas closest to our headquarters in Mezzolombardo, which range from the Brenta plateau to the Val di Non.


Short loop of 16 km consisting of easy ups and downs for a total climb of 630 meters. (800 if you visit the Sanctuary of San Romedio which extends about 3 km).

A little trip for everybody on a mixed asphalt-dirt road that touches the villages of Coredo and Smarano and the Due Laghi di Coredo lakes, along roads with little traffic and easy dirt paths.

e-bike e-mtb tracks coredo ring trentino italy

Starting from the center of Coredo, head towards the Due Laghi following Viale dei Sogni and then skirt first the Lago di Coredo and then the Lago di Tavon, continuing towards Tavon. Here it is possible to deviate downhill towards the famous Sanctuary of San Romedio for a break and a visit to the Hermitage and its 130 steps (here the e-bike will not help you). We return to the main route continuing towards Tavon, but instead of entering the village we continue in the woods, uphill first and then down, towards Coredo. Before the village, at the level of elementary schools, turn left to face a small climb and then the entertaining descent that leads back to the lakes. Go along the eastern shore of Lago di Tavon and then go back on the western shore of Lago di Coredo to the Vecchia Segheria where you continue uphill towards Località Merlonga. From here you return to the starting point via Smarano. To enter Coredo you must overcome a short tear where we can take advantage of all 25 watts of our e-MTB.

e-bike e-mtb tracks coredo ring trentino italy

In our shop in Mezzolombardo and on nardellisport.com you can find a wide selection of E-BIKE e E-MTB. E se vuoi provare la e-bike prima di acquistarla offriamo anche un servizio di NOLEGGIO.

e-bike e-mtb tracks coredo ring trentino italy

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