e-bike rumo ring trentino italy

The second article on e-MTB, pedal-assisted mountain bikes, routes takes us to the upper Val di Non, a few kilometers from Cles.


Loop trip of 25 km on asphalted roads but little traffic with a total climb of 870 meters.

A fun excursion suitable for everyone, among shady woods, apple orchards and the Santa Giustina Lake.

e-bike rumo ring trentino italy

Starting the tour from Rumo, we take the Val d'Ultimo direction with a nice descent on hairpin bends to Frari, passing through the hamlet of Mione and reaching the bridge on the PEscara stream. Here you turn right and descend along a comfortable road until you reach the center of Revò. Turn right again crossing Cagnò and continuing along the state road until the junction. As indicated by the signs at the crossroads, turn right, but not before stopping to admire the view of the Lake of Santa Giustina.

It starts again the descent and crosses again the Pescara. From here we start the return climb in the middle of the apple trees of Val di Non, crossing the villages of Livo and Preghena, where the electric motor will accompany us gently until returning to the starting point.

e-bike rumo ring trentino italy

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e-bike rumo ring trentino italy

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