Ideal mask for school


Back to school... with the mask. The Ministry admits those of cloth, but recommends, for the safety of all, the certified mask that offers much higher protection guarantees.

The PURE AIR mask is a daily protective garment both in this moment of emergency and in the perspective of a return to social, work and recreational coexistence, designed to limit the inconvenience of prolonged use as much as possible.

Energiapura is committed to creating a garment that adequately protects breathing, which is not disposable but is reusable and reconditionable after the first use..

Sanitization takes place with washing equal to or greater than 60 ° and the steam generated by a normal iron, thus allowing you to have a mask clean and disinfected every day.

Pure Air Safe Mask is made by combining three layers of certified fabric and using hypoallergenic and breathable materials that do not absorb liquids from the outside.

Materials of technical origin dry very quickly: if you wash the mask in the evening, the following morning it will be dry and ready for use..


The ENERGIAPURA PURE AIR MASK is certified EN 14683 and its filtration capacity is 99.2% both from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside like the certified masks FFP3.

We at Nardelli Sport have chosen Pure Air Mask for use in the store because we consider it the most comfortable, soft and less tiring and because thanks to the positioning system with elastic and adjustable drawstrings, it allows it to be lowered under the chin when not it must be worn without having to remove, place or store it and thus reduce stress situations or the possibility of contamination from contact with non-hygienic surfaces.


Pure Air Mask is available in two sizes and in various colors. You can find them in the shop in Mezzolombardo or on nardellisport.com.


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